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STAGE 1 - Gaming Development Planning

Gaming Advisory Services offer a comprehensive range of reports that a casino developer will require before the pre-opening and construction phases. These reports prepare developers for the decision to proceed with the project based on the cost and profit


  • Feasibility Study

  • Business Plan

  • Gaming Assessment Plan

  • Gaming Development Plan

  • Financial Budgets 

  • Marketing Plan

Selected Clients: Millennium Pan Asia | ISOC Land | Tianjin Union Group | Tiger Palace | Spectrum Gaming | Emperor Group | Intelligence Macau 


For a discussion of the projects we have been involved with email us.



































STAGE 2 - Pre-Opening Gaming Project Development Services

After the Gaming Development Planning (Stage 1) has been completed we move to the Pre-opening Services Agreement (PSA) (Stage 2) which allows the developer to have a firm fixed price agreement for the proposed period of time, for example three years for a typical 2-3 hotel with casino project. The PSA includes all the services required once the land and license has been secured. We typically are involved with the Architect and Designers selections process, the master planning, schematic design and the gaming project development services through to the opening day. Our team of Advisors take away the potential issues of hiring full time employees only to see possible delays, budget overruns and time lines push out. With a fixed price PSA you can be assured of taking the worry away from the invariable budget issues to focusing on the development itself, the marketing and branding, to hit the ground running. One Service, One Price. 

  • Pre-opening Gaming Project Development

  • Pre-opening Gaming Project Management


Selected Clients: Naka Entertainment | Millennium Pan Asia | ISOC Land | Tiger Palace Resort | Whitesands Samoa 


For a discussion of the projects we have been involved with email us.


STAGE 3 - Post Opening Casino Management

We have been involved in several management contracts. Here we have a team manage the casino operations on behalf of the owner. Generally a three year agreement, we conduct the day to day operations of the casino and provide input into the various related marketing, hotel, F&B, and other departments important to the success of the integrated resort. 

  • Management Services

  • Owner Advisor

  • Owner Representative

Clients: Golden Crown Casino | Tropicana Resort & Casino | Grand Diamond City Hotel & Casino | Allure Resort | Victoria Entertainment Resort | Subic Diamond Casino | Pailin Flamingo Casino | Whitesands Samoa | ST Vegas | Fulbari Resort | Corona Casino & Resort

For a discussion of the projects we have been involved with email us.



Gaming Advisory Services assists developers with the complete turnkey solution from the initial planning to the pre-opening services and eventual operational management. 

Selected Clients: Tropicana Hotel & Casino | Allure Resort | Subic Diamond Casino | Victoria Entertainment Resort 


Gaming Advisory Services offer free 1-hour analysis sessions to all developers, operators, managers and the media. We are only to happy to talk to you about current and future trends, policy and general gaming related topics. for an appointment

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