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Made in Italy means the highest level of quality. Each product is crafted by hand with the attention to detail only the Italians know how to do. The portfolio includes chips, plaques, jetons, roulette wheels, roulette displays, floor-wide displays with baccarat software, gaming tables, layouts, chairs, accessories and a range of other products. (

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We offer a range of general tables games equipment Made in Thailand. We have made over 3,000 gaming tables since 1998. Our high-end gaming tables have a core price for the basic construction starting at US$2,200 then you simply add the options that you require such as cut outs, cupboards, fans, usb, data and electrical points, then just add your material finishes which include a large selection of Marbon, Corian, brass, leather, detachable panels and hard wood veneers and solid wood features. We also offer various accessories to choose from in our 'Made in Thailand' range as well as a selection of gaming products from our partners in Australia and SE Asia.


Gaming Tables | Chairs | Pit Stands | Card Cabinets | Accessories | Training Tables | Layouts | Slot Bases | Slot Stools

NOTE: All custom table designs as shown below are owned by the Casino Client and are not to be copied. Australian Right infringements shall apply. The below images are not to be copied and placed on marketing literature.  








































































Training Tables - Made In Thailand

We have a range of basic training tables in metal that fold away and can be stored on dedicated racks. (2-4 per rack). The Baccarat, Roulette and Blackjack tables come with a layout and float tray, From US$850 for orders of 6 or more. Production is generally 6 tables in one month up to 20 tables in two months. Once training is complete simply fold the tables, place on the dedicated storage rack and roll away allowing your training space to be used for other purposes. 




















Slot Machine Bases and Stools 

We offer a simple range of slot machine products that cover the essentials. We have produced over 7,000 slots bases and slot stools in our 4,000 sqm. facility in Thailand. Our bases are made in metal with any finish as required such as powder-coat, laminate and quartz based marbons. Each slot base and slot stool are custom built to your design.



Casino Management Systems - Jade Gaming


We partner with Jade Gaming for the casino management software using Novamatic MyACP. MyACP is a modular casino management system, launched in 2001, that can be ideally adapted to meet the requirements of discerning casino operators and most international gaming regulations. The flexible system is highly suitable for small arcades as well as large casino operations. Thanks to its innovative and user-friendly design, almost 1,200 gaming locations in more than 25 countries already trust this powerful tool. We also partner with Jade for slot machines and machine parts.


Surveillance Systems - EmpireAutomation 

Our partner EmpireAutomation, has completed over 30 major projects in SE Asia, several on behalf of the GCG Gaming Advisory Services team. EmpireAutomation, based in the Philippines, has successfully designed, installed, and maintained customised integrated security-management systems for clients in over 15 countries. Their list of successful projects includes 40 casino establishments, multiple cruise ships and several large "high-tech" industrial complexes throughout the Asia Pacific region and globally. Projects include Solaire Manila, Star Cruises, Emerald, NuStar, Marina Bay Sands and Tiger Palace.

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